Services of Apartment Association

Collection stamp for apartment associations 

Annual fee EUR 23 (with VAT). All repeat and initial invoices to debtors can be marked with the collection stamp.

Balti Võlgade Sissenõudmise Keskus OÜ (BVSK) provides apartment associations a complete service of collecting the debts of apartment owners.

The service has been specially created for apartment associations and gives the possibility to cover the management debt (administration expenses and utilities) of apartment owners in a short period of time. The provided service is paid for by the debtor. The apartment association does not have to finance the collection expenses on the account of other apartment owners and wait for the receipt of the debt endlessly. Most of the debt will be covered in up to 4 months.

Description of the service:

Collecting the debt of management expenses of an apartment, fee 15% (with VAT) from the collected amount. The collection fee is added to the total debt. In the case of repaying the debt in instalments, the service fee is calculated from every receipt.

It is possible to increase the collectable debt by the payments of management expenses and default interest added on a monthly basis.

If it becomes apparent that the total debt cannot be collected in up to 4 months, BVSK will make the apartment association a proposal to purchase the debt.

Upon agreement with apartment associations, BVSK purchases the management expense debts of apartment owners. When the bebt is assigned to BVSK, BVSK will immediately pay up to 60% of the waived principal amount debt and after the receipt of the paid amount to BVSK, BVSK will pay the rest of the principal amount dept in the extent of up to 40% in accordance with the receipt of the principal amount debt. The prerequisite for purchasing the debts is the possibility to implement to the debtor a default interest with the rate of at least 0.07% a day.

BVSK purchases debts primarily in the following areas: Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Viljandi, Rakvere.

Our branch offices are located in Tallinn and Tartu
If you are interested, please contact us via e-mail or call phone 7349648.