Recommendations to debtor

If you have received a debt notice and wish to settle your debt, you will find the requisite information of the collection centre as follows:

IBAN: EE452200221045897507

Please note the reference number of the contract and the number of the debt notice on the payment. is an information portal, where advice is given about preventing financial difficulties, but there is also advice to those, who are already experiencing difficulties. The page also includes different examples of everyday saving tips, also recommendations for preparing a family budget or for example finding a new job. Võlanõustaja ( page is free to be used by everyone interested. The aim of the page is to offer solutions for difficulties arising from borrowing.

The information portal is an interactive helper for everyone, who wishes to take more control over their financial situation and expenses. From the page you will find both practical recommendations and theoretical advice on how to cope better with decreases in income or losing a job. The page includes advice of the best specialists in the field.

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